Are we on the highway to the buy zone? It appears that we are in the buy zone and on our way out. Here is why.   The chart here is called a market pulse. It's a metric we use to determine whether or not it's a buyers’ market or seller’s market as you can see from the anatomy of the buy zone Market Pulseback in 2020 we had the highway to the buy zone, then entered into phase one right near the bottom, phase two is the flatlining, and phase three is when it goes on its way out to neutral territory or even a seller’s market. In 2022 as interest rates started to rise we saw another highway to the buyer zone with a downward trending line towards the end of 2022 where we hit phase one of the buyer zone. In 2023 it feels like we've hit phase two and that's because a lot of our listings are starting to go into contract and from all the agents that we talk to it appears that the buyer activity is really picking up. This leads us to believe we're heading into phase three, on our way out of the buy zone so if you've had any thoughts about buying in Manhattan message me today!  Watch the video below for more detail on whether or not you should buy an apartment in NYC in 2023